Dustin Campbell

Seasoned Carpenter / Skateboarder

Competitive Sailor

First Aid Attendant

King of the Crush

March 6 1981- February 22 2023

This week the sun shines a little less bright.  We lost our amazing friend and colleague Dustin Campbell, aka Dusty.

Dusty goes way back with Powers Construction – back to 2011, part of the original crew.  Dusty contributed incredible

skill to so many projects- each one touched by his passion towards his trade and the people around him.

One can always tell the character of an individual by the impact they have on children.  My children got to know Dusty when he was lead carpenter on my house- they constantly pestered me to get Dusty to come and stay with us on the farm.  Leo always wanted to demonstrate his mastery of a skateboard trick Dusty had taught him.  Dusty was more than just a colleague to us at Powers Construction, he was a true old friend.  We are devastated by his passing, he will be missed greatly by all.